November 19-21, 2024

Tips to maximize your ROI

1. Audit your wellness culture

Optimize your organization’s benefit by first auditing your wellness culture using the new ICAA Wellness Audit. This easy-to-implement online tool can offer actionable insights such as:

  • How well is your organization integrating wellness across all departments?
  • Are the places and spaces you have adequate?
  • Are your programs gaining optimal usage?

The ICAA Wellness Audit can help your organization:

  • Locate areas of weakness and areas of strength
  • Determine big picture capital needs
  • Pinpoint staffing structure and training needs
  • Frame an action plan to improve or maintain wellness

2. Reflect on your organization’s needs

After analyzing the audit conclusions, your organization may need to:

  • build and educate your wellness workforce across all departments
  • implement “wellness in all policies” and “wellness for all” approaches
  • reimagine your established and natural environments to support wellness
  • implement and promote your new wellness model and strategy
  • evaluate your wellness ROI
  • create your wellness blueprint
  • buy products that support multidimensional, person-centered approaches to wellness

3. Create your event action plan

Once you know your organization’s specific needs, create an event action plan using this website. Consider which sessions will provide the knowledge, skills and solutions to address the areas you and your team have identified as priorities. Also, determine which products, services and technology to explore at the ICAA Expo.

4. Register your staff and commit to growth

Register your team and reinforce your commitment to expanding knowledge, expertise and collaboration to move staff members and your organization forward as the wellness industry evolves.